Horror Homes For Sale

Will prospective buyers seriously consider a home where a notorious murder occurred? INSIDE EDITION reports on some homes that have a tough time selling.

The murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey is one of the most disturbing unsolved crimes of all time.

Now, JonBenet's home in Boulder, Colorado where she was brutally murdered, is for sale for $1.9 million. But so far, there are no takers. The house has been remodeled. The street address has even been changed. The sheer horror of what happened here may be keeping buyers away.

Real estate expert Brian Lewis told INSIDE EDITION, "Some poeple are very scared of things like that. Some people have cultutal taboos against places like that. There are websites dedicated to finding out if anyone has died or if anything tragic has happened in a certain property. So clearly, buyers care."

See What Else Lewis Had To Say About These Horror Houses

ABC News was given a tour of the Ramsey home in 1997, showing the tiny basement room where little JonBenet's body was found on Christmas day, 1996.

That basement today has been turned into a cozy den as seen in photos published on real estate websites seeking buyers for the house.

Lewis said, "They've redone the basement. They've taken away the elements of the scary. It doesn't change what happened there."

It's not the only house of horrors that no one wants to buy.

The beautifully restored 1950's ranch-style home outside Akron, Ohio was up for sale for  $299,000—a real bargain. But it was taken off the market last November. Why no buyers? Maybe because it was once the home of the notorious serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Real estate agent Greg Greco gave INSIDE EDITION a tour, showing us the living room with a fireplace and a library as well.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed his first victim there in 1978. The gruesome killing is depicted in the film Dahmer.

Musician Chris Butler bought the house in 2005. He put it back on the market in 2012. He says there is nothing to fear, telling INSIDE EDITION, "People should know that the house didn't kill anybody."

Tourists still take photos of the steps where fashion designer Gianni Versace was assassinated in 1997. 

The Versace mansion in Miami's South Beach is a massive 23,000-square-feet with 10 bedrooms, 11 marble bathrooms, and a pool with gold inlaid tiles. It was once valued at $125 million but sold last year for $41 million—way below peak value . Later this month, it opens as a luxury hotel.

But just like JonBenet's house, nothing can alter a horrifying history.