Woman Spends More Than $15,000 To Find Missing Dog

After her beloved dog went missing four months ago, Janet Mihalyfi has spent over $15,000 to find her pet, but some are critical of her search. INSIDE EDITION explains.

Havoc the dog is a playful pet and loved by his owner Janet Mihalyfi in their home in Washington, D.C. Now, Havoc is missing and Janet is going to extraordinary lengths to find him.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “He's a sweetheart. He's very affectionate. He usually sticks right by me.”

But some say she is going too far. She has organized teams of volunteers to plaster her upscale neighborhood with posters. She has paid for robocalls asking thousands of strangers for help.

Havoc has his own Facebook page and there's a website that tracks Havoc sightings.

“I've done grilling in the middle of winter to get the scent in the air to attract him,” she said.

She has even paid psychics and hired professional lost pet finders who use teams of tracker dogs to find Havoc's scent.

It's been over four months in one the coldest winters in the nation’s history, but tracker Jordina Ghiggeri says Havoc could survive in the wild.

She said, “There are many cases of dogs living even years on their own.”

There are feeding stations to help keep Havoc alive and even surveillance cameras in places where he has been spotted.

Janet said, “There's almost nothing I haven't tried to get him back.”

Tips keep pouring in but there's also hostility from neighbors who think Janet is going just too far.

Posters have been torn down. Someone posted on Havoc's Facebook page: “Your dog is dead, [blank.] Enough already. You are just wasting your money.”

Janet said, “I really don't know what would motivate someone to write something so hateful.”

So far, Janet’s search has cost her more than $15,000, but she's determined to never give up looking for Havoc.

She emotionally said, “I love Havoc and I’ll spend whatever it takes to get him back. So long as I have the means to do that.”