Dancing Amputees Inspire America, and Each Other

From competing on Dancing with the Stars to dancing with new bionic legs, INSIDE EDITION looks at two women who are inspiring each other, and the rest of the country.

The story of the Boston Marathon bombing victim dancing again is inspiring everyone, but no one more than Amy Purdy who is competing on the new season of Dancing with the Stars, with two prosthetic legs.

Looking at video of the Boston Marathon bombing victim dancing again, Purdy said, "That's amazing. I need to watch her dance. I need to learn some tips." 

Purdy recently won the bronze for snowboarding at the Paralympics in Sochi. She lost  both legs below the knees, when she contracted bacterial meningitis at age 19.  She's now 34.

Watch Purdy Talk About the Future Of Dancing For Amputees

She explained, "My legs do not move like regular legs. I don't feel my feet, but I feel pressure."

She massages her prosthetic feet before she puts on her dancing shoes. She told INSIDE EDITION what it was like the first time she stepped into them.

"I was a little bit nervous. If I step too wide, I can kind of wash out on my heels. So I was a little like (gasps) for me," she said.

Purdy, along with the rest of the nation, watched in awe at the images of Adrianne Haslet-Davis hitting the stage for the first time at the technology conference known as TED.

Thirty-three-year-old Adrianne Haslet-Davis lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombings and has been fitted with a new bionic leg. She couldn't wait to return to her passion, dancing.

Purdy has this advice for Haslet-Davis: "Having prosthetic legs takes a lot of patience because you don't just kind of get your legs and go. You get your legs and you go through this huge process of getting them to fit right, and getting them comfortable enough so that you can do the things that you love."

Now, these two brave young women are inspiring America by beating the odds.

Purdy said, "It's so exciting that there's so much going on right now with me being on Dancing with the Stars and she's getting this new leg. So, I think we're going to probably collectively to do something amazing here."