Peeling Away The Story Of Boy Who Loves Bananas

INSIDE EDITION spoke to six-year-old Joshua Blanchard who got so excited when he received a banana as a gift.

Joshua Blanchard is the boy who went bananas over a gift that happened to be a banana.

In a video posted online, he hugged a banana before peeling it and eating it, as his family roared with laughter.

And now, INSIDE EDITION is peeling its way to the inside story of "Banana Boy."

He's six-year-old Joshua Blanchard, from Spring, Texas, a suburb of Houston spoke to INSIDE EDITION.

His mom, Jennifer, explained how the banana ballistics came about. The video was shot last Mother's Day but was posted on YouTube just a few weeks ago, where it went viral.

She told us, "It was Mother's Day. He was standing around, watching the moms open gifts.”

As a joke, they put a banana in a gift bag for Joshua thinking he'd hate it.

She said, "To our surprise, we were the ones who got pranked and realized he was super-excited about it!"

Instead, he danced with joy over a piece of fruit.

He said, "I was thinking I was going to get a toy. The banana was better than a toy!"

Think he's kidding? When INSIDE EDITION showed him a banana he began to lick his lips.