Going For A Stroll With Lucky 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant

After stunning America with his wild guess on Wheel of Fortune this week, INSIDE EDITION took Emil De Leon for a stroll with Victoria Recano's own new baby buggy.

Emil De Leon is the Wheel of Fortune contestant who stunned America with that winning million-to-one guess of "New Baby Buggy."

INSIDE EDITION’s Victoria Recano invited the 25-year-old to come along for a test drive as she took her four-month-old son, Sebastian, for a day out in his new baby stroller, or as he might call it, a buggy.

Recano asked, "You have a new appreciation for baby buggies?"

He said, "Absolutely."

De Leon, who is training to be a nurse, had actually been studying child care before his headline-making appearance on Wheel.

"Once I figured out it was "New Baby," I figured what could belong with "New Baby" with these letters that are on the letter board," he said.

He is not the first person to pull off a stunning surprise on the popular game show. Magazine editor Caitlin Burke managed an amazing guess in 2010. Contestant Autumn Erhard won a million dollars with her inspired solution last year.

But Pat Sajak says De Leon was the most amazing solve he's seen.

Recano asked, "People that don't believe it, what do you say to them?"

He said, "I know that I won and I got it fair and square."

Nobody we challenged even came close to solving the puzzle. Many people on the streets of New York City said they didn't know what the answer could be.

When it comes to impressive accomplishments, De Leon’s performance, like his buggy technique, is the wheel deal.