8 Nurses Have Cute Photo Shoot After Baby Boom at Hospital

Eight nurses all gave birth within months of each other at Illinois hospital.
Anderson Hospital's Pavilion

The moms all gave birth within months of one another.

Eight nurses at an Illinois hospital all had the chance to enjoy pregnancy together. 

The women, who work at Anderson Hospital’s Pavilion for Women as obstetrician nurses, said it was entirely unplanned.

“We all started kind of announcing and it was one after the other,” Michelle Embick, one of the nurses, told InsideEdition.com. “It kind of snowballed from there. None of us knew that the other was trying.”

The moms had a photo shoot last week to celebrate the arrival of eight babies who were born from August to December. 

They said having the experience together was a memory they will all cherish.

“We got to exchange a lot of pregnancy symptoms and stories,” Embick said. “We got to see all of our bellies growing. It was a lot of fun to be able to experience it with my co-workers. It was like sharing it with your family members.“

Seven of the eight women gave birth at the hospital where they work as well.

“It was a lot of fun have co-workers help take care of you after birth in the hospital and while in labor and be able to tale of care your baby after birth,” Embick said. 

Embick, who was the last one to give birth, said she is sure there will be a lot of playdates in the future.

“It’s a small community hospital so it’s kind of big deal,” she added.