16 Nurses From One Arizona Hospital Are All Simultaneously Pregnant

What are the chances?

Forget pitter-patter, this is an all out parade!

The stork is working overtime at one Arizona hospital, where 16 ICU nurses are all pregnant at the same time.

They couldn't have planned it if they'd wanted to, but the staff at Banner Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit is thrilled to be welcoming what seems like a highly unlikely procession of new additions.

According to KPHO, the Mesa nurses didn't realize just how many of them were simultaneously pregnant until they all started joining a Facebook group chat.

"They’re wondering what’s in the water," ICU nurse Ashley Atkins quipped.

While everyone is excited, Heather Francis, director of nursing, said there are areas in which the nurses cannot work while expecting. 

"There are certain disease processes that we don’t want the nurses to be exposed to. Certain infections," she said. "Also, chemotherapy rugs can be very toxic to the fetus."

One thing the hospital is not worried about is an impending nurse shortage. Administrators say they've been planning for months to ensure fill-in staff is available when the time comes.