8-Year-Old Born With One Hand Uses New Bionic Arm to Give High-Fives

The first thing little Freddie Cook did was shake his mother's hand.

From riding a scooter to eating a burger, there’s now nothing this 8-year-old can’t do thanks to his bionic arm.

Little Freddie Cook, of Berkshire, England, was born without a right hand.

“As he grew up, it wasn’t too much of an issue and he got by,” his mom Suzy Cook told SWNS. “In recent years, as he got older, Freddie started to notice it more and he became a bit more conscious he didn’t have a right hand like everybody else.”

Freddie’s life changed when, for his 8th birthday, he was gifted a bionic arm. He became the youngest person in the world to use that particular design.

"I was so excited to use my new arm,” Freddie said. “It has let me do loads of new things with my friends and play like anyone else. I love that I can high-five everyone and shake my mum’s hand.”

Suzy added, "Freddie shook my hand almost straight away, it worked immediately. It was such an incredible moment.”

The lightweight device has been perfect for Freddie and has helped him grip the handlebars on his scooter, play with his dog Lacie and eat a burger with both hands.

Freddie had a minor let down, however, when he realized it couldn’t shoot lasers.

“He had apparently told his friends the arm would have lasers on, which is funny,” Suzy said. "However, when they realized what it was all about, they have been brilliant. It will change his life."