8-Year-Old Bursts Into Tears at the Sight of Her New Kitten

The feline was an early birthday gift.

An 8-year-old girl was overwhelmed as she received an early birthday present — a kitten. 

The waterworks began as Viviane Vannoy opened a bag handed to her by her mom, Susan. The kitten, which quickly popped his head of the bag, was the gift Viviane had desired for several years.

"Viviane has wanted a kitten for the past four or five years, and everything she drew and wrote about in school involved cats,” Viviane’s mom, Susan, said. “Michael [her dad] and I were talking about what to give Viviane for her birthday this year, and we both decided that it would be the best gift we could ever give her.”

Viviane named the cat Buddy the Elf because he is friendly and likes people, she said.

“She spent the rest of the day playing with him and fighting with her 5-year-old sister Anabelle over who was going to get to hold him,” Susan said. “They’re so sweet together and she takes good care of him.”

She has taken on the responsibility of feeding Buddy and cleaning out his litter box.

“They also cuddle up and sleep together at night, which is super cute,” Susan said. “I’m excited that they get to grow up together.”