8-Year-Old Celebrates Beating Cancer By Donating Birthday Presents Back to the Hospital

Zoe Figueroa, 8, was given a 50% chance of surviving.

This 8-year-old only had a 50% chance of beating cancer, so when she did, her family celebrated in a very big way.

Zoe Figueroa, of San Diego, California, danced the night away at her "end of treatment" party with 250 guests who came to celebrate her bill of good health.

“When we started in this, we weren’t sure if she would make it or she wouldn’t,” her mom Sheena Figueroa told InsideEdition.com. “It was really important for us to commemorate what she had been through by celebrating her and her life with a party.”

But Zoe knows she didn’t go through it alone, which is why she decided to give back to the kids who are still fighting for their lives by donating all the gifts she received to the hospital.

“It was all her,” Sheena said. “Throughout this journey, she’s been very blessed and there’s been so many people that have been there for her.”

Zoe was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in February 2018. Doctors found a tumor that ran through her chest to her pelvis.

“Fifty percent of kids don’t make it,” Sheena said. “She went through seven cycles of chemo, she went through two stem cell transplants, a 10-hour tumor resection surgery, 20 days of radiation and five cycles of immunotherapy.”

But Zoe pulled through, and was invited to ring the bell marking the end of her treatment on her 8th birthday.

“It became a part of our life for 16 months of dealing with that,” Sheena said. “Now we go back to normal life, she can go back to school, we can do things as a family that we weren’t able to do before. It’s just a blessing. A huge blessing.”

Zoe is now looking forward to a family trip to Disney World with her parents and her three siblings.