8-Year-Old Girl Survives Dangling From Maine Ski Lift Before Falling 25 Feet to the Ground

Although the little girl hit the ground hard, she was not seriously injured, thanks to rescuers who broke the fall with a catch net.

An 8-year-old girl was captured in dramatic video dangling from a ski lift before falling 25 feet to the ground. Shiloh, her mom Sharisse and big sister Belle were skiing on Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain when the incident happened.

“I just kept pulling on her trying to lift her up to get her onto the seat,” Sharisse told Inside Edition.

She knew her daughter would not be able to hold on much longer.

“She is 90 pounds and then also the weight of the skis themselves with gravity pulling on her. It was very, very heavy. At that point I just yelled down to them, ‘She’s slipping! She’s slipping!’”

Rescuers and volunteers scrambled and held a catch net underneath her. Although Shiloh hit the ground hard, she was not seriously injured. Her big sister watched it all.

“It was scary. I was crying, because I did not want her to fall. I was really scared,” Belle said.

Shiloh showed Inside Edition a painting she made depicting the rescue.

“We are eternally grateful to every person that was an upstander instead of a bystander and stepped up to help, because this situation would be very different if it wasn’t for that," Sharisse said. 

Officials at the ski resort pointed out that Shiloh was wearing a helmet, keeping her from sustaining more serious injuries.