8-Year-Old Nails Michelle Obama Costume for Cultural Heroes Day

Michelle Obama even took notice and retweeted the image.

One 8-year-old wanted to dress up like her hero Michelle Obama and pulled it off so well she got an endorsement from the former first lady. 

Ella-Lorraine Brown dressed up as a young Obama – then Michelle Robinson – when the former first lady was a student at Princeton. 

Brown donned the getup for her Los Angeles school’s Cultural Heroes Day.

The image was featured on the website Makers, which tweeted at Obama. The former first lady saw the article and retweeted it, leading Brown to gain worldwide attention. 

“She was really in awe of the idea that with hard work you could become anything,” Brown’s mom, Karlyn Johnson Brown, told Makers.

“I loved it because by choosing to portray her hero as a college student, the focus was on Michelle’s accomplishments as an individual, not just as an attachment.”

In the past, the young lady has dressed up as pioneer pilot Bessie Coleman and Ruby Bridges, who was the first African-American student to desegregate schools in Louisiana.