8-Year-Old Puts Self-Written Book on Library Shelf Hoping for Views; Now There's a Waiting List to Read It

Dillon Helbig's book is 81 pages long, hand-written, and hand-illustrated.

An 8-year-old had an interesting idea of getting his unpublished book read by the masses. Dillon Helbig of Boise, Idaho, says he simply took it to his local library.

"I put the book on one of the shelves," he said, "and then left that area and got to another area and got like a book to read."

"He did say he's going to put his book in the library," his mother, Susan Helbig, said. "We just thought, 'Oh, Dillon, you're so silly.' We didn't think that he would actually go through with it and that this was his actual ultimate plan."

The library staff eventually discovered the 81-page, hand-written, hand-illustrated, hardcover book. They were so impressed with Dillon's work that they accepted it into their collection. And as of last week, there were reportedly 125 people waiting to read "The Adventures of Dillon Helbig's Crismis." 

While the Helbigs say they knew their son had a wild imagination, none of them expected this kind of reaction to his first book. They're even now getting offers to have it published. 

"He just really was wanting someone to read his book," his father, Alex Helbig, explains. "And he knew that if he could get his book in the library, that people would read his book."

"So, it's been pretty incredible, and we're just ecstatic with all the positive attention that he's been getting for the book and his story."

And it seems this young author's career is only getting started as Dillon has said he is already working on another book.

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