8-Year-Old Starts Bike-Riding Fundraiser to Help Rescue Pups From China's Dog-Meat Trade

Rhys Stevens created a fundraiser to benefit canines rescued from the China dog-meat trade.
It's thumbs-up for eight-year-old Rhys Stevens as he strikes a pose on his bike.China Rescue Dogs

A boy in England rides his bike for money to help bring dogs from China to the U.S.

It doesn’t matter if they’re lapping the playground, zooming up and down neighborhood streets or pretending to be in a too-fast, too-furious pursuit with friends — most kids love riding bikes.

Rhys Stevens is an 8-year-old from Willingham, England, and is no exception. He loves bikes and dogs. After watching a documentary about the dog-meat trade, the pooch-loving boy was in shock, according to his mother, Kathleen Stevens.

“Rhys is passionate about dogs and animals in general,” said Kathleen.

Encouraged by his mother, Rhys decided to raise money for China Rescue Dogs. In support of his passion for helping animals, the boy's neighbors, friends and family have all started donating money to his cause for each mile he rides, according to a release.

“I love dogs so much and this makes me very happy,” said Rhys.

China Rescue Dogs is a nonprofit organization located in North Carolina, dedicated to pulling dogs from the meat trade. The saved pets are then transported to North America to find forever homes.

Rhys will keep biking long distances to help raise money and awareness for the canine victims of the dog-meat trade in China. So far, he’s raised more than enough money to make an impact. His mother is so proud of him.

“He just wants to do good things and make a difference,” said Kathleen.

If you would like to support Rhys and his cause, you can go directly to his Facebook fundraising page. The fundraiser ends on March 31.