Baby Gorilla Meets Mom After Traumatic C-Section | Inside Edition

Baby Gorilla Meets Mom After Traumatic C-Section

The baby gorilla born via C-section got a glimps of mama gorilla for the first time, as the 12-day-old baby fights for its life. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The baby gorilla born by Caesarean Section at the San Diego Zoo met her mom for the first time.

The adorable newborn was fighting for her life after undergoing surgery for a collapsed lung and battling pneumonia. The baby, now 12 days old, wore a cute little blue hat and chewed on anything she could find while wrapped snugly in a blanket that made her feel as if she were being hugged by her mother.

Now, at last, the mother and child reunion took place. A zookeeper wearing a surgical mask cradled the baby gorilla in a fluffy white blanket and knelt down to let the baby see her mom, "Imani," through the cage door. It was a brief encounter, but it was a start.