Creepy Clown Puts Neighborhood on Edge

A community is on edge over a creepy clown that keeps showing up at night, scaring passersby. Is it a marketing stunt or something else? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's an image that will creep you out of a clown, out late at night, holding balloons and waving to passersby.

The clown has been spotted at several locations and he's causing quite a stir.

One man tweeted a photo with the message: "My heart stopped. Guess who ain't sleeping tonight?"

"You won't believe what I just saw back there. I had to make a U-turn," said stand-up comedian, Vic Dibitetto.

Dibitetto posted video of the clown out in broad daylight on the street in the New York City borough of Staten Island.

See What Else Dibitetto Told INSIDE EDITION About the Creepy Clown

The mysterious Staten Island clown is being compared with Pennywise, the terrifying killer clown from Stephen King's It who lives in a sewer.

It's not the first time real life scary clowns have terrorized people. A giant clown on skates was caught on camera scaring people in Portland, Orgeon.

So, who's behind New York City's creepy clown? One published report says it may be a viral marketing stunt by a film production company, Fuzz On Lens Productions, which makes low-budget horror movies.

Four of the people who have spotted the clown all work for that same production company. They include Vic Dibitetto, who shot the video.

Dibitetto told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "I just videotaped it real quick as I passed it, that's all. It's a guy in a clown suit. It's not the Son of Sam."

And Dibitetto insists it's no hoax, saying, "No, it's no hoax. And if it is, it's a damn good one."

Boyd asked, "You're not in on it?"

"No," he said.