Too Fit For The Gym?

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Tiffany Austin who claims that her gym told her to cover-up because she was too toned.

Tiffany Austin is in disbelief after she says she was told to cover up at the gym because she looked too good.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I was just stunned. I didn't really know what to say or do.”

Austin signed up at Planet Fitness in Richmond, California. She was wearing a pink exercise outfit when her workout on the treadmill hit the skids.
She says an employee approached her saying other gym members had complained about how much of her toned body was exposed. So they asked her to put on a T-shirt.

She said, "They said, 'You are intimidating people with your toned physique.'"

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Austin, a professional singer, was so upset she canceled her membership.

But Planet Fitness denies the problem was Austin’s toned body, instead saying it was how much of it was showing. The gym told INSIDE EDITION in a statement: "Planet Fitness' dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs."
INSIDE EDITION caught up with her at a different gym in Oakland, California, where it's co-owner Dan Clark says she's welcome to workout at his club anytime and wear whatever she likes.

Clark said, “I think it's bizarre, I feel bad for her that she's going to a gym, expecting to workout and people are judging you.”

But as for Austin, she's still in shock that her workout outfit at the old gym didn’t work out.