Secret Service Agents Sent Home From Netherlands Over Excessive Drinking

After a night of drinking, three Secret Service agents were sent home early from the Netherlands. INSIDE EDITION reports on the agency's latest scandal.

There's a shocking new scandal for the Secret Service protecting President Obama on his trip to Europe.

The Washington Post broke the story that three Secret Service agents were sent home after a night of drinking.

One of the Secret Service agents was reportedly so drunk, that he passed out in the president's hotel just hours before Obama arrived in Amsterdam.

All three agents have been placed on administrative leave for allegedly violating the Secret Service's zero tolerance rule about drinking 10 hours before going on duty.  

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino authored the book Life Inside The Bubble: Why A Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away From It All.

Bongino told INSIDE EDITION, "It's unfortunate, but it looks like some foolish behavior that will probably be dealt with very severely."

The scandal hits just two years after a beautiful prostitute said she met a group of Secret Service agents in a night club in Colombia before the president's 2012 trip. She said one agent, Arthur Huntington took her back to his hotel, but refused to pay her.  The resulting scandal caused an international uproar and exposed the agent's secret life.

Three women came forward to tell INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander they all had affairs with the agent.

One of the women named Kelly said, "I never saw a wedding ring."

Alexander asked, "He said he was getting a divorce?"

Kelly replied, "Absolutely. Yes."

But Huntington wasn't divorced. He was a married father of two living in a house outside Washington, D.C.

Then, a new woman caught agent Huntington's roaming eye. She told INSIDE EDITION, "I met him on the day of Jenna Bush's wedding."

That's right—the woman named Holly Snow, told us she met the agent at a bar in Waco, Texas, when he was assigned to the wedding of Jenna Bush. 

"He asked me if I was married or anything and I asked him and he said, 'I'm separated,' " said Holly.

But that wasn't all. The Secret Service agent then reeled in Cheryl Visser at a nightclub in Dublin on President Obama's 2011 state visit to Ireland.

Cheryl told INSIDE EDITION, "He said, 'Well, I'm with the Secret Service."

Huntington and seven other agents were fired or forced to resign following the Cartagena scandal.

Bongino said, "A handful of guys over the last couple of years have caused us some heartburn."

Now, the Secret Service is facing a brand new embarrassment in the middle of the president's trip.