Amazing Rescues Caught On Tape

From a construction worker stuck in a burning building in Houston to a young boy being rescued from Washington's mudslides, INSIDE EDITION has the story behind two amazing rescues.

A construction worker was trapped on the ledge of a burning building under construction in Houston, Texas with the flames burning ever closer.

The heart-stopping drama was captured on video from an office across the street. The man who was trapped realized he had to get down to the next level. He dangled dangerously from its edge, then dropped down.

Curtis Reissig told KTRK-TV in Houston how desperate he was up there, saying, "It was burning my eyes, my throat. I can't breath, I can't see up there. At that point, I said, 'I am going to die right here. God, you got to help me.'"

As the fire continued to rage, rescuers operating a cherry picker plucked him from the building just in the nick of time as a section of the burning building suddenly collapsed.

Another rescue happened in Washington State. A heartbreaking video has emerged of a helicopter rescue in the midst of those deadly mudslides.

A four-year-old boy was plucked from atop a mud pile and clutched his rescuer as he was lifted to safety and taken off in the copter. His name is Jacob Spillers, he was home with his dad, Billy Spillers, and three siblings when the mudslides struck. They are still missing.

Billy's wife, Jonielle, was at work at the time. She wrote on her Facebook page: "Please just pray like you never have before ..I have a miracle 4 year old with me for proof."