Kim Jong Un Commands Male College Students Get His Haircut

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly forcing males in college to get his haircut or else! INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Get a trim like Kim or else! That's the latest outrageous commandment from North Korea’s infamous boy dictator.

According to unconfirmed reports, tyrant Kim Jong Un has just decreed that all male college students must get the same bizarre haircut he has, which is shaved at the sides, longer on top.

The response in the West is scathing.

"Kim, this just proves that you are mad," writes one blogger.

Another wrote, "What an ego!!!"

At Astor Place Hairstylists in New York City, INSIDE EDITION got some reaction to the so-called "dear leader's" latest craziness.

Don Fifi of Astor Place Hairstylists said, "He is absolutely crazy."

One customer agreed to get the Kim cut. After the cut, INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said, is this a haircut you would come in and ask for?"

The customer said, "When I have grandkids, maybe."

Recent visitors to North Korea say they have seen no signs of mass haircutting.