After Killing Giraffe, Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Lions

Weeks after the controversial slaughtering of a giraffe, the Copenhagen Zoo is under fire again for euthanizing four lions. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

There was outrage across America when a healthy young giraffe named Marius was slaughtered, cut up in front of children, then fed to the lions in a zoo.  

Now, the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark says they have put to death four of the lions who feasted on poor Marius.

Why? All to make way for a new lion at the zoo.

INSIDE EDITION viewers are going on Facebook to express their fury.

Kevin wrote: "I’m beginning to think Zoo is Danish for death row"

Lynn wrote: "The Zoo should be shut down"

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Animal Planet's Jarod Miller. He said, "This is a very, almost a barbaric way of handling the situation. Euthanasia, that is the absolute last resort. It should really be reserved solely for extreme medical situations, not simply for the convenience of a zoological collection."

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Marius the giraffe, a gentle giant just 18 months old, was euthanized with a bolt gun to the head last month to avoid inbreeding among the other giraffes. Marius was then fed to the lions.

The lions, which included two cubs, were also slaughtered to avoid in-breeding and to prevent conflicts when a new lion is installed in the zoo as dominant male of the pride.

The zoo authorities are dismissing the world-wide criticism of them as "unscientific."

"Nature doesn't have the same concept of justice as humans," said a zoo spokesman.

The European Zoo Association says it regrets the Lions' deaths but says it respects the zoo's right to humanely cull its animal population.