Security Guard Asleep On The Job At World Trade Center

Reaction is pouring in over the security guard who was repotedly caught sleeping on the job at the World Trade Center on the heels of two other security breaches. INSIDE EDITION reports.

He was asleep on the job, and also nearly blind.

A photo of a 65-year-old security guard was taken at the World Trade Center, the number one target in the nation for terrorists.

The guard was identified as Abdul Basher, and get this, in 2013 he was named security officer of the year!

The photo was taken at 2:45 a.m. on Saturday, just a week after a teen from New Jersey sneaked into the nation's largest building, which is still under construction.

It also comes on the heels of that other major security breach of security—those daredevils who leaped off the top of the structure with parachutes.

The security guard told the New York Post he can't open his left eye and has hazy vision out of his right eye due to a nerve condition.

"Sometimes I cannot recognize people. I could barely see half of the lobby," said Basher.

He denied he was asleep and claimed to be "exercising his eyes." He was fired after the picture came to light.