Emerging Details on Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin's 'Conscious Uncoupling'

The latest details on the last few months of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's marriage, and the 'conscious uncoupling' reaction emerging from this celebrity breakup. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Ridicule is raining down on Gwyneth Paltrow's "conscious uncoupling" divorce announcement.

On The Talk, Julie Chen said, "What some are calling the most self-important divorce announcement in history."

Marketing and branding consultant Peter Shankman told INSIDE EDITION, "You don't step up on a pedestal and say, 'I have this grand news.' It was probably not in her best interest to do it the way she did. It did come across as self-grandiose."

We're learning that Paltrow and the Coldplay frontman may have been leading separate lives for years.

"It had been an open relationship," a source was quoted as telling the New York Daily News.

Paltrow has denied rumors that she cheated with billionaire Jeff Soffer, entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn and ex-boyfriend Donovan Leitch.

Gwyneth Paltrow's rep told INSIDE EDITION: "We have already fiercly denied any romantic relationship with Jeff Sofer and Kevin Yorn. Donavan has been a friend of Gwyneth's entire family for over 20 years and has not had a romantic relationship with him for over 20 years. Tabloids and gossips continue to make up stories to sell magazines and this is just another example. We will not be responding to every ridiculous rumore or theory that sprouts out of the gossip industry."

People magazine Mary Margaret told INSIDE EDITION, "In terms of the infidelity rumors, people close to her, even she herself has said that's complete, made up fantasy."

And for his part, Chris Martin has denied an affair with actress Kate Bosworth, who got married last fall.

But in recent months, there were plenty of clues that the Paltrow-Martin marriage was irretrievably broken.

Here's the timeline:

January 12th: Paltrow was reportedly seen flirting with a good looking guy at a Help For Haiti benefit, while Chris Martin looked miserable sitting next to her.

January 26th: Chris Martin went solo to a Grammy after-party at the Sunset Tower Hotel where he reportedly left with a gorgeous young brunette in a black dress. [Source: New York Daily News]

The "conscious uncoupling" announcement has also reopened Paltrow's reputation as the star everyone loves to hate. Last year she was voted the most-hated celebrity in a poll by Star magazine. Kristen Stewart came in second.

Shankman said, "I don't think the divorce itself hurts her. People get divorced. It happens. We're not going to blame her for that. What might give her some grief is what she does in the immediate future. If she starts coming out and doing interviews and it's all about her, and everyone needs to understand her, we're going to have a problem."