Randyland: Trash or Treasure?

Randy Senna isn't your typical hoarder. He's gathered a vast collection of things from days gone by. But are the items trash or treasure? INSIDE EDITION takes a tour.

Imagine a guy who has so much stuff he actually had to buy a building to store it all.

It's crammed full of everything you can imagine. Arcade games that go on and on, pinball machines, a train bell, a vintage soda machine and a juke box. Twenty-one-thousand square feet, filled to capacity in what was once an old Woolworth's building.

Randy Senna pointed out to INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "Up there you have my mom's crib."

Randy has spent the last 40 years amassing this collection, all linked to his past.

Get a Better Look Into Randyland

"What you have here is a recreation of my life in the amusement business. I've tried to collect my history of the happy times growing up on the boardwalks," Randy said.

Even the floors are covered with his memories. He pointed out, "Actually, we're walking on boardwalk. I built 300 feet of boardwalk.'

And if something about the numerous mannequins that occupy this space look familiar, that is purely intentional. They are all designed in Randy's image.  

Trent noticed a soda machine and said, "Is that Coke in there? Coke from the 50's is still in there?"

Randy said, "Yeah, it's real Coke in there. You'd probably die if you drink it."

Randy was bullied as a kid. His best friends became the arcade games at the boardwalk he visited every summer on the iconic Jersey Shore.  

Trent said, "This almost seems as though you are having a very hard time letting go of the past."

"You don't let go of things that are important," said Randy.

So, for now, Randy is content to play his beloved games, and relive the fond memories of his childhood.