University of Arizona Students Riot After March Madness Knockout

A University of Arizona student seemed unfazed by multiple rounds of pepper balls fired by police when riots broke out after their final NCAA game. INSIDE EDITION explains.

"Is that all you've got?"

That's the message one guy seemed to be sending to cops with his arms out wide and not even flinching as he took hit after hit from projectiles fired by riot police.

He took eight hits as the dramatic scene unfolded on the streets of Tucson, Arizona, and was posted on YouTube. Clashes erupted following the March Madness defeat of the University of Arizona.

Cops were firing "pepper balls." They're like paintballs but unleash pepper spray powder that's supposed to disable the bad guy.

In the video, the puff of powder can be seen bursting as the projectiles hit their target. But they don't seem to have any effect on him. Cops then turned to more conventional methods, they charged forward and took him down. The man posted photos online showing a fiery of welts on his body from the pepper balls.

There were other scenes of chaos as hundreds of fans took to the streets after the basketball defeat. Police say that the crowd ignored orders to disperse and that officers were pelted with firecrackers, bottles, and cans.

Another caught-on-tape moment is getting a lot of attention. A young woman was blindsided by a charging cop and was sent flying over a metal bench. Tucson police say internal affairs officers are reviewing the video.

As for that pepper-ball guy, he was charged with unlawful assembly and resisting arrest. In all, 15 people were arrested, nine were students. The University of Arizona says it’s investigating to see if they need to enforce any disciplinary action.