Does Tiger Woods Have a Love Child?

Does Tiger Woods have a son from a former mistress? INSIDE EDITION has the story of a woman who claims she had a child from an affair with the golf great years ago.

The little boy at the heart of the latest Tiger Woods drama is denying Tiger is his dad saying, "Tiger Woods is not my dad."

The nine-year-old's mother is a porn star who claims that she was one of Tiger's mistresses and that she's been hiding his love child until now.

The youngster's name is Austin T. James.  His mom says his middle initial, T, is actually a tribute to Tiger. It was back in March that his mom,  Devon James called into a radio station claiming to have had an affair with Tiger that started when he paid for sex.

"The very first night he gave me several thousand dollars," Devon said.

She said that their relationship lasted two and a half years and that he was the "only African-American" she was dating when Austin was conceived.

But now, even Devon James's own mother, Sandra Brinling, is calling her a "pathological liar."  "[My daughter is] only out to lie, steal and cheat. All she is looking for is to get money from [Woods]." Brinling has custody of little Austin. He lives at her Florida home and a court order bars Devon James from contacting him.  

Devon James has a rap sheet that includes a December arrest for prostitution.

INSIDE EDITION has learned the identity of the man believed to be the boy's biological father, and it's not Tiger Woods. His name is Pele Watkins, and he has a long rap sheet, having been charged with running a prostitution ring and trying to blow up a building, among other charges.

But you can see why the porn star's claim about Tiger Woods is stirring so much attention. Little Austin looks a lot like Tiger as a child!

One thing is clear.  An innocent little boy, who has done nothing wrong, has found himself in the middle of the Tiger Woods scandal.