Animator Transforms Son Into 'Action Movie Kid'

INSIDE EDITION has the story of how one father turned his son into a superhero.

A little super-hero was propelled into the air like Batman. He vaporized a store shelf with one swing from his light saber. He even blasted into space in a rocket ship, commandeered at a playground.

Three-year-old James is living out every kid's dream of becoming a real-life superhero. Of course, it helps that his dad, Daniel Hashimato is a Dreamworks animator who has the talent to take ordinary cell phone videos and work some magic with computer special effects.

Daniel told INSIDE EDITION, “I absolutely encourage ridiculous behavior.”

See Some of the Crazy Videos Daniel Has Created

Videos of James blowing things up have gone viral with millions of hits.

“I was expecting to show these videos to friends and family. I had no idea they would go this viral,” Daniel said.

In a Batman sequence, he first filmed his son playing on the couch. Later he shot additional elements like his son dangling in the air.

Daniel said, “Once I have all of those elements, I’ll grab that piece of James dangling from my arms and stitch up here to the top of the roof.”

Then it looks like James is flying to the ceiling, just like the Caped Crusader!

To make it look like James is blasting off into space, he recorded his son inside a McDonald’s Playland, then, transformed it into a space ship.

So what does this three-year-old think of his super alter ego?
Daniel said, "There have been a couple of times that James thinks he has a super power or two, but luckily he realizes it doesn't work all the time."