Doris Day Celebrates 90th Birthday

Doris Day is turning 90 this week, and INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest news from the screen legend who is still living an active life.

She's the legendary movie star who has always been the girl next door, even though she closed that door to lead a very private life 40 years ago.

But now, Doris Day is ready to come out and celebrate her 90th birthday on Thursday in grand style, or is she?

Annabel Vered, Editor-in-Chief of Closer Weekly told INSIDE EDITION, "She's hosting this party for 300 guests. It sold out in minutes."

In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly magazine, Doris Day reveals details of the birthday bash. It's actually a fundraiser for her beloved animal organization in Carmel, California.

Vered said, "She hasn't decided whether she'll be there. She might make a quick appearance. But she really is doing everything for the animals. She doesn't want any attention on her. It's typical Doris."

Day still shies from the cameras, though we got a rare chance to hear her voice in 2011 when she promoted her album, "Doris Day, My Heart," when she recorded for her fans, "I hope that you know all about it and like it, my darling friends."

For a gal of 90, Doris Day seems to be doing great.

"She says she's been blessed with really great health. She says for her age, she only has little aches and pains," said Vered.

And even at 90, she's still the good girl next door. She starred with the likes of Cary Grant and Rock Hudson, and when asked who was the best kisser, she coyly replied: "Even at age 90, a girl never kisses and tells!"

"She's the most down-to-earth lady that you'll ever meet." That's what Doris Day's longtime handyman, Sidney Wood told INSIDE EDITION about the reclusive star when we spoke with him.

Doris Day's life is summed up by the song she made famous: "Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be."

Doris Day says at 90 she still gets scripts offered to her, but she says they just don't make movies like the ones she used to appear in anymore.