Behind-the-Scenes of Sarah Palin's New Cable Show

INSIDE EDITION got a sneak peek behind-the-scenes with Sarah Palin on her new show, Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin returns to cable TV, and INSIDE EDITION has your first look at her new show on the Sportsman Channel, Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

INSIDE EDITION was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access when the former VP candidate filmed her show in a remote Alaskan forest, an hour's snowmobile ride from her lavish lakefront home in Wasilla.
When Sarah Palin put politics on hold for a life of television, it wasn't exactly for glamour. Palin is in the wilderness looking for inspiring stories about people who make America what it is. Amazing people like Dee Dee Jonrowe, one of Palin's personal heroes. The 60-year-old dog sled racer is a cancer survivor and she competed in the tough Iditarod race for her 32nd year.

Jonrowe said, "Sarah is iconic in the state of Alaska. She's iconic in America, and for her to think there is something inspirational here that she wanted to feature was a real tribute."

You can see more of Sarah Palin's Amazing America when it debuts April 3 on the Sportsman Channel.