Eerie Details Surface Of Gunman In Second Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood gunman Ivan Lopez was being treated for anxiety and depression. INSIDE EDITION reports on emerging details and the first photos to surface on the shooter.

They're the first photos of Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez from Lopez's Facebook page which was under his secret identity, Ivan Slipknot, a reference to his favorite heavy metal band.

His cover photo reads, "Keep calm and no (blank)."

The photos eerily switch between family snapshots and darker interests. Like a quote from the movie V For Vendetta: "People shouldn't be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people."

The photos also show an intense interest in guns. He describes one sniper rifle as, "The Cadillac of snipers."

In 2011, Lopez served a four-month tour of duty in Iraq, stationed in the notoriously violent Anbar Province. He claimed he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He had been prescribed Ambien for depression and anixety.

Secretary of the Army John McHugh said, "He was seen just last month by a psychiatrist. He was fully examined, and as of this morning we had no indication on the record of that examination that there was any sign of likely violence."

A newspaper in Puerto Rico, where Lopez grew up, says Lopez came from a church-going, well-connected family. His mother had recently died of a heart attack. He was said to have been upset when he wasn't allowed enough leave by the military to attend his mother's funeral.

Lopez had a wife, and an ex-wife. He had 4 children. His pretty 12-year-old daughter has her own Facebook page. In one January post she wrote, "I love you daddy."

Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly is so upset about the rampage, she refuses to utter the shooter's name, saying in her broadcast, "Too often it is infamy they seek and we decline to help."