Teen's Cluttered Room Ends Up In Driveway

A father turned to desperate measures to teach his daughter a lesson on cleaning her bedroom. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

One 17-year-old is an honor student, but when it came to keeping her room neat and clean, she got an "F" from her dad.

Haley told INSIDE EDITION, "It was quite messy. I had clothes and books everywhere!"

Haley's dad, Craig Schlickenmeyer, is a staff sergeant at Fort Stewart in Georgia, but looking at his daughter's sloppy room made him feel more like a mess sergeant.

"It had been a battle that had been going on," said Craig.

Repeated orders for Haley to clean her room were not followed. It was as bad as Alicia Silverstone's room in the movie Clueless. So, when Haley was off at school one day, dad went into combat mode. Believe it or not, he literally hauled all of Haley's things to the driveway, piece by piece, then put up a sign saying: "Haley Room Moved to Driveway. Clean it next time."

Craig said, "When I started carrying the furiture out, I put the bed here, I put the books over there."

Haley said, "When I got home, I was really in shock!"

Craig recalled, "I had some neighors wondering if I was having a rummage sale! I said, 'No, read the sign.' "

Online reactions to the driveway drama are spirited, to say the least. Among the comments, are:

"I bet she learned a lesson!"

"This is beyond dumb!"

"This is an immature way to punish his daughter!"

Well, everything's back to normal now. Haley's room has been restored, and it's even been painted. And now she knows what can happen if she doesn't keep it clean.

"It was quite traumatic, but I guess in the long run it helped," she admitted.