Epic Hail Sparks Panic at Walmart

Fierce spring storms pummeled the Midwest, causing damage at one Walmart store and putting  stop to a baseball game. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A storm caused terror inside a Walmart store. 

The monster storm hit and panicked customers, some of who were pushing their shopping carts, could not believe what was happening.

Baseball-sized hail actually crashed through the store's roof. Some people sought shelter under store shelves, while others ran for their lives.

It happened in a Denton, Texas Walmart outside Dallas, But it wasn't just Texas. The storm also had customers running through the aisles at a Walmart in Oklahoma.

One guy was in awe as he pointed at a funnel cloud from his car. The next moment a giant chunk of hail fell from the sky. "That was a huge iceball," he exclaimed.

There was an epic photo taken as a twister forced the evacuation of a stadium during a minor league game. 

Fortunately, no one was hurt at the Walmart, but cars in the parking lot had windshields shattered by the hail that fell like missiles.  

Some Walmart customers even took selfies as they waited out the tornado. They smiled in the photo, but just moments earlier, there was nothing but sheer terror.