Brain Cancer Patient Gets Bucket List Help from Channing Tatum

A teenager battling brain cancer is living life to the fullest, checking off her bucket list with the help of friends, family, and Channing Tatum. INSIDE EDITION met with the inspiring teen.

Imagine getting a personal message of love from former People magazine Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum.

It really happened to 18-year-old Alisa Finley. How come? Well, Finley has stage-four brain cancer. But she's not sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Far from it. Finley has drawn up a bucket list of 48 things she wants to do.

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, Finley said, "I think everyone should have a bucket list. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring you."

Number one on the list was to kiss Channing Tatum. When the 21 Jump Street star heard about Finley’s wish, he sent her a video selfie. Tatum also helped out with number 39 on Finley's bucket list: "Have a guy sing to me."

And get this, Tatum took the video while he and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum were on the red carpet at the Oscars.

"It's's unbelievable!" said Finley.

Finley’s mom explained that the family has had plenty of help with the bucket list. She told INSIDE EDITION, "I had asked on Facebook that Alisa was making a bucket list, did anybody have any cool ideas. And there were a lot of people that responded with things that they thought would be really neat. She looked through and thought, 'That would be really awesome.'"

Finley, who lives in Colby, Kansas, has crossed a few other wishes off her bucket list too. Number six, "go to Europe" is done, as well as number 24, “kiss under the Eiffel Tower.”

"I'm about to do number 46, jumping into a pool fully clothed," she said as she jumped into a pool. Then one of her friends jumped in to ask her a big question: “Want to go to the prom with me?”

INSIDE EDITION had the chance to watch her complete number 34: drink from a coconut.

A toast to a teenager who inspires everyone with her outlook on life. Finley advised, "Have fun. You only live once."