Mother Pens Book: 'I Heart My Little A-holes'

INSIDE EDITION speaks with the mother who wrote a book about kids making parents’ lives both a living Heaven and Hell.

You think your kid is a handful, what about the guy scaling the north face of a fridge?

Then there's the youngster who gives new meaning to the phrase "looking a little flushed," sitting inside a toilet.

And how about a green-eyed monster, when a child's entire head is covered in green gook?

These are just three of the scamps discovered by parenting blogger Karen Alpert, who runs the website

Her readers sent her humorous videos and photos showing the challenges that go hand-in-hand with having children.

Karen's verdict on kids? She says, "They're great, they're awesome, they're really fun. But they also suck."

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One little girl made quite a mess while her mom's back was turned, spilling flour all over the kitchen floor. The mom posted the video with her commentary, "This is why you can't go to the bathroom for two seconds."

Another mother sent in a photo of her son with his head jammed in a cookie jar. Another submitted a picture of her daughter covered in diaper-rash cream. Yet another photo shows a boy who took a Cabbage Patch Kid for a swim in the toilet.

Alpert told INSIDE EDITION, "I feel like I'm helping lift people up out of the depression of parenting and how difficult it is."

Now, mother-of-two Karen Alpert has written a light-hearted book called I Heart My Little A-Holes.

Her message: you're not alone if your children sometimes make you want to tear your hair out.

Alpert said, "Don't feel bad when all you see is smiley, happy people on Facebook, because guess what? Everyone is going through the painful side of parenting too."

Karen's been sent any number of videos of kids throwing tantrums. It's a kind of a "greatest fits" collection. There's a video Alpert shot of her own kids acting up, five-year-old daughter, Zoey and two-year-old son, Holden.

But Karen Alpert says that despite the exasperating moments that parenthood sometimes brings, kids make it all worthwhile.

"They make your life living Hell. And they make your life a living Heaven too," she said.

To read an excerpt from the book, click on the Download PDF button below.