Reaction Floods In Over Family Rescued At Sea

As criticism builds against the Kaufman family, INSIDE EDITION speaks to sailing expert Pam Wall who's coming to their defense.

The parents being called "crazy" and "negligent" for taking their two little girls on a round-the-world sailing trip are now receiving support from someone who did the very same thing.

Pam Wall sailed around the world with her husband, young son and daughter on a voyage that took nearly seven years. She's now a cruising consultant. She's coming to the defense of Eric and Charlotte Kaufman who were rescued along with three-year-old Cora and one-year-old Lyra, who was seriously ill.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent asked Wall, "Would you say that they were not properly prepared at sea?"

Wall said, "It can never be a criticism of that couple and that family for having decided to follow their dream. Those people, obviously, were faced with a situation where they felt they had to get themselves and their children off their vessel."

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Pam Wall's son, James was only three when his family began their voyage in the 1980's. He's 33 now.

James told INSIDE EDITION, "I think it's a wonderful way for a kid to grow up."

The adventure is something he'll never forget, but James still has some strong words of criticism for the Kaufmans, saying, "I think they weren't properly prepared."

One YouTube video posted by Charlotte Kaufman shows baby Lyra learning to crawl in the cabin of their sailboat. She wrote on her blog that the baby had trouble sleeping because of the turbulent ocean waves.

Right before the Kaufman's left on their ill-fated voyage two weeks ago, Lyra had been stricken with salmonella poisoning. Charlotte posted a note from a doctor in Mexico saying the baby was okay to make the trip along with a photo of the medicine she was taking.

But Charlotte's blog shows she had misgivings about sailing with her little girls. "I think this may be the stupidest thing we have ever done," she wrote. But she also said it was: "completely worth it."

Fortunately, the Kaufman family is now safe onboard a U.S. Navy warship that arrives in San Diego on Wednesday.

Pam Wall said, "I really don't want people to ever say that you shouldn't take your children sailing. It's the most wonderful experience a family can have together."