Married GOP Congressman Vance McAllister Caught Kissing Staffer

Just months after running on a family values platform, married Louisiana GOP Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on tape kissing another woman. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A passionate kiss was caught on camera as a married Congressman made out with a staffer.

Now, that staffer's furious husband is speaking out to INSIDE EDITION, blaming Congressman Vance McAllister for tearing his family apart. Heath Peacock's wife is the woman Congressman McAllister is kissing so passionately, 33-year-old Melissa Peacock, who worked in the Congressman's office in Louisiana.

Heath told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "He's had a hand in not only turning my life upside down, but my son also. He doesn't care. He thinks he's untouchable."

Now, their marriage is breaking up because of the video.

Boyd asked, "Have you already made that decision that you and Melissa are going to separate?"

"Yes," Heath replied.

And get this—Melissa Peacock and McAlister's wife, Kelly are good friends.   

McAllister ran for Congress last year on a faith and family values platform with his wife and five children appearing prominently in TV ads. In one ad, McAllister said, "I'm Vance McAllister. U.S. Army veteran, job creator and family man."

He also had the support of the Duck Dynasty clan. In one ad, Duck Dynasty cast member said, "If you love America and live in Louisiana, you need to vote for Vance."

But Heath Peacock says there's a whole other side to Vance McAllister, telling INSIDE EDITION, "He's not who people think he is. If people really knew him, he wouldn't be elected."

Boyd asked, "What do you mean when you say people don't know who he really is?"

"This religious family man deal, this is completely false. He's not like that. He's the most non-religious person I know," said Heath.

McAllister was sworn into office last year by Speaker of the House John Boehner with his family at his side. Just a month later, the romantic encounter happened, three days before Christmas 2013.

McAllister can be seen turning the lights down low. Then, as he is about to leave, he and Melissa Peacock engage in a passionate embrace and a lingering kiss that lasts for a full 22 seconds before they come up for air.

McAllister received his first bout of national attention when he invited Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson and wife, Korie to attend the State of the Union address. Now, he's getting attention of a different sort.

The Congressman is apologizing today. "I'm asking for forgiveness from God, my wife, my kids, my staff and my constituents who elected me to serve," said McAllister.

But Heath Peacock isn't impressed, saying, "He can apologize all he wants until he's blue in the face. It doesn't change, not a thing."