Family Sues Over Male Stripper Performance At Nursing Home

The family of one nursing home resident isn't laughing over a male stripper performing at the facility. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the photo getting a lot of attention of a stripper taking it off at—of all places—an old folks home.

On The View, Jenny McCarthy said, "I know where I'm sending my mom. I think it's awesome."

The photo may be getting lots of laughs, but the family of the 85-year-old woman seen here stuffing dollar bills in the stripper's tighty whities is not amused.

Franklin Youngblood says his mom was forced to take part in the spectacle, and now he's suing the Long Island, New York, nursing home where she lives.

Franklin told INSIDE EDITION, "How can they have a stripper come in a nursing home? That don't make any sense. Who does this?"

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The story is generating a lot of emotion. Attorneys for both sides had it out in front of the nursing home.    

The nursing home says a committee of 16 residents approved the strip show.

"They requested it. They approved it. They wanted the activity," said the attorney.

And the woman sitting next to Mrs. Youngblood, who appears to be enjoying the show, is actually her son's girlfriend. She says she was powerless to stop it, telling INSIDE EDITION, "I just couldn't believe it. But, it's not in my hands to say anything."

It turns out, strip shows at nursing homes happen more than you think. INSIDE EDITION spoke to several male entertainers who say they are frequently hired to perform for ladies in their seventies, eighties and even nineties.

INSIDE EDITION found numerous videos on YouTube of elderly people enjoying strip shows.

By the way, the elderly gents who live at the East End Nursing Home weren't left out. They were reportedy driven to a local Hooters restaurant to oogle the waitresses in their figure-hugging short shorts.

The subject was a hot topic on the daytime talk shows. On The Talk, Sheryl Underwood said, "Just because their hips don't work doesn't mean they don't want somebody else to shake their hips."

But Mrs. Youngblood's family say, it's not funny. Not funny at all. Franklin said, "To see this big goon standing over my mother like this, this here is the worst thing I even seen in my life."