Mickey Rooney's Estate Dwindled To $18,000

INSIDE EDITION reports on the just-released document from Mickey Rooney's estate, stating that his children will get nothing.

There is shocking news revealed in Mickey Rooney's will. The one-time king of Hollywood was worth a mere $18,000 when he died. And not one penny of his meager estate goes to any of his eight children.

"Disinheritance clause: I have intentionally omitted from this will any provision for any of my heirs" says the just-revealed document.

It states in black and white, a net worth of $18,000.

Rooney's daughters, Kimmy and Kelly were in the dark when it came to their famous father's finances. INSIDE EDITION asked them if they knew the value of his estate. They both replied, "No."

Without being specific, Kelly says her dad's finances were not in good hands. "A lot was stolen from him. He was gluing his shoes together," she said.