Kaufman Family Returns To Land After Sea Rescue

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the California Air National Guard, the Kaufman family was safely returned to dry land. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

The family rescued from a round-the-world sailing voyage is back safe and sound.

Eric Kaufman lead the way down the ramp as his wife, Charlotte followed with three year-old Cora and one-year-old Lyra after their arrival in San Diego.

The family quickly went to a doctor's office where the baby was examined as Eric explained in a video seen on CBS This Morning, saying, "We're on our way to a medical appointment, and once we're done with those things then we'll have some more information."

The family arrived onboard the U.S. Navy warship Vandegrift, which rescued them up off the coast of Mexico when the baby fell seriously ill with a rash and high fever.

Right behind the Kaufmans as they disembarked was the four-man team from the California Air National Guard, appropriately called the Guardian Angels, who made that daring jump onto the high seas to save them.  

Hear More From the Rescue Team

Capt. Lejon Boudreaux told reporters, "It was unique to us because there was an infant on board."

Special accomodations were made on the warship to make the two little girls comfortable.

Lt. Commander Daryl Robbin said, "We went so far as to make baby food, set up makeshift cribs. We did everything we could to give this family a safe place to recuperate."

The Kaufmans are now in the midst of a national debate about their decision to make a round-the-world voyage with young children.

Eric Kaufman is praising his rescuers, tweeting that they are: "The best of the best."

Mom just tweeted a photo of the family with the rescuers.

Capt. Boudreaux said, "It's a sense of pride. It's a sense of professionalism and this is what we're trained for. "