Bullet-Riddled Door Used As Evidence In Oscar Pistorius Trial

The bathroom door riddled with bullet holes was presented as evidence in the Oscar Pistorius trial. INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest details.

Grim evidence from the night Reeva Steenkamp was killed was shown in court. The actual bathroom door through which Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius fired those fateful shots. Four bullet holes can be seen in the door.

Pistorius testified, "I remember pulling the trigger and the rounds going into the door."

Pistorius claims Steenkamp would still be alive if she had only cried out.

"If Reeva had come out or if she had spoken to me or...then I wouldn't have fired," stated Pistorius.

His dramatic testimony came as Pistorius once again faced a withering cross-examination by the prosecutor known as 'The Pit Bull."

The prosecutor said in court, "Your life is just about you, what's important to Oscar. Oscar shouldn't get into trouble, this shouldn't get into the media. You're very concerned about what's good for Oscar."

ABC's Matt Gutman got a close-up look at the witness box after Pistorius left the stand, reporting, "What you haven't seen for the past two-and-a-half days is the cushion he's been sitting on, a roll of toilet paper he uses when he sobs and down beneath the witness stand, the bucket that he sometimes uses to wretch in."

The prosecutor also showed a photo of the bedroom where Steenkamp and Pistorius had been relaxing that fateful night.

Pistorius said Steenkamp had been doing yoga, then she started using an iPad.

He stated, "We were talking about if we could each have five of our favorite cars in the world, which cars we would we have? And we were Googling and showing each other pictures of those vehicles."

But the prosecutor was skeptical that Steenkamp and Pistorius were a loving couple. He cited her WhatsApp social media account as evidence.

"We did a search on all the WhatsApps. The phrase 'I love you' appeared twice in Reeva's WhatsApps. Both times she wrote that to her mother, never to you. And you never to her," said the prosecutor.

And he scoffed at the apology Pistorius gave to Steenkamp's parents the first day he testified. The prosecutor said, "You're sorry for their pain and sorrow, but you're not sorry that you killed their daughter. It's not in there."

Pistorius replied, "I'm terribly sorry that I took the life of their daughter, my lady."

The prosecutor said, "Now you say that."