Details Emerge In School Stabbing Attack

Alex Hribal is in custody after a mass school stabbing that left 22 students injured. INSIDE EDITION reports on emerging details and how you can protect yourself.

Sixteen-year-old Alex Hribal, who went on a slashing spree at his high school with two kitchen knives, now joins the ranks of the Columbine killers and Newtown's Adam Lanza. But he's the first to carry out a mass attack with a knife.

Former Secret Service agent Evy Poumpouras says stabbings are more personal than shootings.

Poumpouras told INSIDE EDITION, "With a knife, you have to get close and personal. Sometimes you have to look at the person, you have to feel the person, you have to get into their personal space."

The mad attack has many wondering, how can they defend themselves against an attacker armed with a knife?

Poumpouras demonstrated, "You want to put something between yourself and the weapon, here being a knife. A book seems like something simple, but a book is very powerful. Hold it up and in front of you."

Also, keep your eye on the knife and protect your head and torso.

"You don't want to get stabbed anywhere, of course. But if you don't have a choice, put your forearms up, protect yourself and at least they'll get that," explained Poumpouras.

Hribal was escorted out of court last night in shackles, wearing a hospital gown and socks after being treated for minor injuries to his hands. He stumbled on the way to the police car. He's been charged as an adult.

He's smiling in his yearbook photo. His father, a banker, looked stunned outside his house last night. He said, "My prayers go out to everyone who was injured today, and I hope they recover as quickly as possible."

Hribal is described as a B-plus student, shy and nerdy.

The night before the stabbings, he's said to have told another student over the phone, "I'm going to (blank) you up."  

Authorities are investigating whether he was the victim of bullying at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, an affluent community near Pittsburgh. His lawyer says the teen needs a psychological evaluation.

Attorney Patrick Thomassey said, "This is not a violent kid. This is not a dysfunctional family. By all reports this is a good kid."

The suspect's older brother, Ryan was reportedly absent from school yesterday. A Vine account that is believed to be Ryan's is filled with everyday scenes from school.

And we're hearing from the students injured in the stabbings.

Sophomore Nathan Moore has a cut on his cheek where he was slashed. He said, "I was the flirst person he saw so he slashed me in the face."

Junior Jared Boger was stabbed in the chest and is still on life support.

Sophomore Brett Hurt says he thought when he was stabbed in the back, "Will I survive or will I die?" He says his best friend, Gracie Evans saved his life.

Hurt explained in a press conference, "Gracie was screaming and asking me if I was alright, and trying to keep pressure on my back and get me to a safe room."

But after she spoke out in interviews, Gracie found herself under criticism on social media. One person tweeted: "It makes me sick to think that someone would ever even think to get themselves attention from this."

In an interview, Gracie said, "People are saying that I'm trying to be the hero, but so many more people were in this."

Nate Simio pulled the fire alarm that alerted everyone. He sent out a selfie from the hospital.

And 60-year-old assistant principal Sam King tackled the suspect. His son spoke of his pride in knowing it was his dad who saved the day.

Zach King said, "He's a good man. He did the right thing. He's always done the right thing."

Last night, a vigil was held as the town begins to heal from the terror inflicted by a very troubled youngster.