Tiger Woods Love Child Has DNA Test

It's a stunning twist in the Tiger Woods sex scandal. Another porn star surfaces claiming to have Tiger's love child. INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusively with the grandmother of the child and she shares quite a different story.

The grandmother of the little boy said to be Tiger Woods's love child has a message for Tiger.

"There's no way, there's just no way Austin is Tiger's son and I wish I could Tiger tell that," Sandra Brinling said.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke exclusively to Brinling and her grandson, Austin, near their home outside Tampa. The nine-year-old's mom is porn star Devon James, who says that Tiger fathered her son during a two-and-a-half year affair, a claim bolstered by Austin's uncanny resemblance to tiger.

"Just the features, I mean he has the same skin color, but, he's not Tiger's," Brinling said.

Devon James has given several different accounts of how she and Tiger started a relationship. But her mother thinks that she's never even met Tiger:

"I've heard the story three different ways.  She's lying enough that she can't keep her story straight."

"Do you think this was an extortion attempt?" INSIDE EDITION asked.

"Absolutely. I have no doubt about it. my daughter is out to get whoever she can to give her money," Brinling replied.

Devon James is standing by her story. On Thursday, she was seen leaving a Florida courthouse, where she said she was filing papers demanding that Tiger submit to a DNA test. But listen to what Devon James's mother told us!

"I have the results of a paternity test... it proves that Tiger woods is not the father of Austin."

Sandra Brinling says the test proves that Austin's biological father is an ex-con named Pele Watkins.  

Brinling says that her daughter has been troubled since high school. She has a long rap sheet, most recently an arrest in December for prostitution. Devon James no longer has parental rights over Austin, who lives with his grandparents.  

Brinling said, "I would do anything, I would do anything, to face Tiger Woods. To tell him I am so sorry, I'm so sorry. I didn't raise her that way."