Ana Trujillo Reenacts Stiletto Murder Scene in Court

In dramatic fashion, Ana Trujillo reenacted moments from the night she killed Stefan Andersson with her stiletto shoe. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

An extraordinary scene: The woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death with her stiletto heel struggled with her own defense attorney, even grabbing his hair. 

Ana Trujillo was demonstrating what she said happened the night of the murder.

She was convicted earlier this week for murdering university professor Stefan Andersson.  Now she's testifying at the penalty phase, trying to avoid a life sentence. The bloody stiletto was sitting in front of her as she told the jury she was attacked by the 59-year-old professor.
In an interview airing Friday night on 20/20, Trujillo claimed the life and death battle began when they came home to his luxury high-rise after a night on the town. 

In court, Trujillo said, “He was like an animal! He was screaming. His strength-- he threw me around like a rag doll!”

She also claimed the professor bought her the $1,500 high heel shoes to use in sex games. She told judges he wanted her to “Walk on him; walk with my shoes on him. He liked a little bit of pain.”

But Andersson’s ex-wife, Jackie Swift, told INSIDE EDITION he was never violent. In reference to Trujillo, Swift said, “She's a very 'off' person. There are some things that just aren't right upstairs.”