Explosive Bus Crash With FedEx Truck Kills 10

A FedEx truck collided with a charter bus full of high school students and chaperones, killing 10 people in the fiery crash. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Heartbreaking video was taken moments after the horrific crash in which 10 people were killed on a busy California highway.

Shocked motorists took photos of the inferno after a FedEx truck crossed the median on Interstate 5 North of Sacramento and slammed into a bus filled with high school students on a college tour.  

Fire department radio stated: "We'll be on scene. It is affirmative. A semi versus a tour bus."

The two drivers were killed along with five teenagers and three adult chaperones. At least 30 were injured. The tragedy is raising new questions about bus safety.


In a dramatic test-crash video, the terrible impact of a head-on bus crash is detailed. Passenger dummies are violently tossed about, but the ones wearing seat belts stay in their seats.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke to safety expert Stephen Keppler. Keppler said, "It's much safer for them to be restrained so they can release themselves and get out of the bus as quickly as possible."

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The bus was heading to Humboldt State University carrying prospective students from Los Angeles area high schools for an overnight visit to the campus.

Student Jonathan Gutierrez tweeted a photo from the bus right before the accident with the caption: "11-12 hours in here ..."sigh."

He told the Today show he was just nodding off to sleep when he was jolted awake by the crash, recalling, "All of a sudden, I heard people screaming. When I woke up, that's when the impact hit. I flew from my seat to the seat in front of me." Jonathan hit his head and took a selfie at the hospital.

Eighteen-year-old Harley Hoight showed INSIDE EDITION his injuries of a bandaged hand and arm. Hoight described, "There were flames in the front of the bus. The FedEx truck was on fire. The smoke was starting to come in. It was just utter chaos."

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Dozens were hurt and had to scramble out of broken windows through intense smoke and flames.

Cops are still investigating why the FedEx truck crossed the median and struck the bus.

FedEx says in a statement: "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this tragic accident on I-5 in California. We are cooperating fully with authorities as they investigate."