Surrogate Grandma Carries Son's Baby, Twice

INSIDE EDITION met the family who brought two children into this world through a surrogate--the man's own mother.

Sandy Lawrence vividly remembers doctors giving her this joyous news, recalling them telling her, "I believe you're pregnant with your son's child."

That's right—incredibly, at age 50, Sandy is a surrogate for her son Jake and his wife, Mindy.

Mindy and Jake of Thayer, Missouri married four years ago. They always wanted children, but that was impossible because at age 21, an illness forced Mindy to undergo a hysterectomy.

Mindy said, "I would have never dreamed in a million years of my mother-in-law was carrying my kids."

Jeff said, "I figured we'd just adopt."

The couple had ruled out surrogacy, which could cost up to $40,000.

"There was no possible way we could afford that," said Mindy.

That's when Sandy stepped in and offered to carry a baby for them.

"We were both like, 'Oh my goodness.' We were shocked. A mother carrying her son's child," said Mindy.

The odds were only 30% but they had faith. Two eggs were harvested and they all prayed for the best.

Sandy said, "I've always been very healthy. I had a peace about it the whole time."

Amazingly, Sandy got pregnant on the very first try.

"Boom boom, no problems," recalled Mindy.

Throughout the pregnancy, Sandy says she wanted her son and Mindy to be as much a part of the pregnancy as possible, saying, "I wanted them to be able to feel the baby kicking and moving."

Mindy said, "We did touch her belly, feel the movements, and we were right there through each step."

While carrying a baby at 50 can be risky, Sandy's pregnacy went flawlessly, and nine months later she delivered an adorable, healthy, granddaughter named Mya and she tenderly craddled her.

"I'm just very very blessed and very thankful," Sandy said.

Three years went by quickly. Seeing that little Mya brought so much happiness to the family, the surrogate grandma spoke to her husband, Jeff, about carrying a second baby.

"She knows her body no one else does," said Sandy's husband, Jeff.

Afterall, there was one egg left!  And guess what? Sandy was expecting again.

"Here we go again. Round two," said Mindy.

Mother and son had some good fun about her carrying his baby.

"I have a good momma," admitted Jeff.

This time, Sandy gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Jarrett.

Mindy stated, "It's very much music to my ears."

And it goes without saying that this brother and sister share a special bond with their grandmother.

"I'm a surrograte grandma," said Sandy.

Mindy and Jeff have the family they always dreamed of, all thanks to a precious gift from mom.

Mindy said, "It is a dream come true."