'I Wanna Marry 'Harry' Has Women Competing To Marry Prince Harry

INSIDE EDITION reports on the new reality show that convinces American women they truly are competing for Prince Harry's hand in marriage.

It's the new reality show that's certain to spark major controversy: I Wanna Marry 'Harry.'

Twelve young American women are tricked into thinking the winner will marry Prince Harry. That's right, that Prince Harry.

But the guy playing Harry on the show is actually a celebrity look-a-like. His real name is Matthew Hicks.

Matthew  turns out to be just a regular bloke from England. On his Facebook page he says he's a "Prince Harry look-a-like".

Side-by-side, he does look like the real prince. He's actually a blond, but dyes his hair red to look more the royal bad boy.

TV Guide's business editor Steve Battaglio told INSIDE EDITION, "The story here is some women meet a guy who they think may be a prince, and they find out at the end that he's not."

As for the women who participated in the reality show, several of them are said to be very upset when it was revealed that they had fallen hook, line and sinker.

Battaglio said, "I don't really buy that anyone would really believe that the prince would choose his bride on a reality show."