The Viral Takeoff Of A Very Funny Flight Attendant

Flight attendant Marty Cobb has passengers rolling in the aisles with her on-board jokes. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the flying viral sensation.

Did you hear the one about the funny flight attendant who has passengers rolling in the aisles?

Marty Cobb is a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines who decided that the pre-flight safety speech could use a little pizzazz.

Cobb told INSIDE EDITION, "People that travel hear it all the time. It's hard to listen to, and they’re bored with it."

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So she added a few touches you won't find in the FAA handbook.

She once joked, "As you know, it's a no smoking, no whining, no complaining flight."

A hilarious YouTube video of Cobb doing her thing aboard a recent flight went viral and it's absolutely outrageous!

"Basically, just do what we say, and nobody gets hurt,” she joked.

Would you believe she even jokes about the oxygen mask?

She gagged, "To activate the flow of oxygen, simply insert 75 cents for the first minute, and 50 cents for each additional minute."

And the floatation device?

She said, "Everybody gets their very own teeny-weeny yellow Southwest bikini!"

Cobb’s comedy routine has the blessing of her bosses.

Mike Hafner, VP Southwest Airlines told INSIDE EDITION, "It engages the customers, I think they listen, they understand it. It's just a great way to start the flight."

Could Cobb have a future in standup comedy? For now, this mom of three is happy being the world's funniest flight attendant, telling INSIDE EDITION, "Just to have fun at my job and get paid to do it. I just love it!"