How Zac Efron May Have Enhanced His Sculpted Abs

Some are asking if Zac Efron enhanced his abs with a spray tan for his shirtless appearance at the MTV Movie Awards. INSIDE EDITION looks into how spray tan sculpting works.

People are talking about Zac Efron's chiseled six-pack at the MTV Movie Awards.

There's no doubt Efron works hard to maintain his killer bod, but were his abs—shall we say—enhanced, not by cosmetic surgery, but with spray tan?

At Beach Bum Tanning in New York City, designer Dante Fitzpatrick showed INSIDE EDITION how body contouring is done.

Looking at Efron's photo, Fitzpatrick said, "There's definitely muscle contouring here. We've got definition lines between the pectoral and the arms that are a little too dark. The shading is off. He's got great color in the abs."

Fitzpatrick uses a paintbrush on a model to outline the muscles he wants to stand out, then blends the line with a cloth.

Watch More Of How The Ab Sculpting Is Done

"I've basically given him some shadowing in his arms, his stomach, his abs," noted Fitzpatrick.

Next, he uses a spray gun to shoot a tanning solution over the model's torso. The entire process takes 25 minutes, with terrific results.

Here is our model before the spray tan.