'World's Toughest Job' Interviews Gives New Appreciation To Moms Everywhere

American Greetings videotaped applicants applying for a position requiring working 24/7 for no pay. Who would take the job? Mom. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The video everybody's talking about is called "World's Toughest Job."

In the video, the boss tells applicants, "This job doesn't pay."

One applicant was surprised and said, "Excuse me?"

But it isn't a real job interview. It's actually a Mother's Day ad by the greeting card company, American Greetings.  

In the video, the boss asked applicants, “What if I told you there is somebody that actually holds this position right now, billions of people actually.”  

One person asked, “Who?”

“Moms,” said John. 

Now, we can reveal how they pulled it off.

It all started with a job listing placed in The Boston Herald. The ad for "Director of Operations" was posted by Rehtom Incorporated, which doesn't even exist.

The required skills include:
-Crisis management experience.
-Frequent travel; minivan driving experience a plus.
-Proficient in sticky situations, literally and figuratively.

The guy playing the boss is really an actor named John Patrick Hayden, but all of the applicants are real people.  

He told INSIDE EDITION, “They really took the time to set it up as professional as possible. The script was a good bouncing off point, but being able to work with the people and play with them was awesome.”

Watch More Of His Interview

The entire shoot took one full day. He interviewed 15 people.

He said, “They were down the hall, they thought I was calling them from Houston, Texas. I think they bought it hook, line, and sinker.”

And just like the rest of America, when the true job title of "mom" is revealed, John also gets emotional.  

John said, “It hits that central nerve of gratitude.”