Fake Child Abduction in Washington State Park Sparks Uproar

An elaborate hoax of a fake child abduction terrified parents and had cops ready to shoot. INSIDE EDITION talks to one of the men behind the hoax.

A terrifying moment was caught on camera of a masked man snatching a child in a crowded playground and carries him away, screaming to a waiting van. The driver speeds off, pursued by frantic moms.

It's frightening, but it's also a fake—an elaborate hoax.

When the two men return to the playground to explain it was a prank they face a posse of angry moms.

"This is outrageous," screamed one mother.

"I don't give a (blank) dude!:" shouted another mom. "We don't care! How the (blank) would you feel if that happened to you?"

The disturbing video is angering moms all over America. INSIDE EDITION spoke to one mother in a park with her children who said, "I can't even imagine if I saw someone doing that in a park. It's very scary."

The so-called kidnappers claim they gave police advance notice of what they were doing. But an officer in Sequim, Washington, outside Seattle warned them they could have been shot.

"Somebody flagged me down and honestly, I was fully ready to kill whoever was in that front seat of that van," said one officer.

Jason Holden says he and his cousin made the hoax video to raise awareness about child abduction. But it was posted on his YouTube channel TWINZ-TV, which tells a different story.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Holden, "You say that this prank was all about raising awareness, but when you look at your YouTube channel, every other video you've done to date has just been a pure prank, with no effort at raising awareness. How do you explain that?"

Holden replied, "We just started this channel two months ago. We were kind of like, veering off the pranks for a little bit, and our last video was a funny video, you know? Just to try to make people laugh. We decided just to do an awareness video."

In one video on TWINZ-TV a guy in the passenger seat is convinced he is being kidnapped and jumps from a moving car!

And in another video, Jason Holden tries to hire a hitman, saying, "I got $30,000 in here. I need you to kill my wife."

And he even staged a fake robbery of a music store, terrifying shoppers.

The hoaxsters may face criminal charges over their latest stunt and you've got to wonder what would have happened to them if one of these mama grizzlies had caught up with them.